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Our Team

Our Team

At COLOMBIA TV NEWS, we employ reporters, journalists, videographers, strategists, marketers, developers, art directors, and many others. We value employees at all stages of their careers who bring various experiences and perspectives to COLOMBIA TV NEWS. Working in our organization means joining an experienced and talented group of media strategists, branding and marketing practitioners, in-house creative designers, customer care specialists, researchers, and brand strategists. We share a passion for connections, generating brand experiences, and stories intended to inspire our readers every day. Above all, we endeavor to be well-timed, honest, and relevant in our marketing to prove how much we value our subscribers, audience, and readers. We connect the ways readers can experience our journalism, help them realize our reporting and products, and determine the impact of our demanding journalism. We aim to ensure our readers, subscribers, and audience understands the value of a news site and supporting independent journalism. Our award-winning branding and marketing include a range of powerful campaigns. Our marketing and brand campaigns are just one way we engage and inspire our readers and audience. We also market the breadth of our brands, products, services, reporting, and lifestyle through events, seminars, conferences, commerce, and sales.

Meet Our Team

CEO & Chief Editor: Harry – Hemant Kaushik

Managing Editor: Julia Lauren

News Director: Gary Thomas

Director, Sales & Strategy: Katrina Palmer

International Director: Robert Nelson 

Global Editorial Director: Paul Walker

Global Social Media Director: Anna Carter

Global Digital Media Director: Simi Boodoo

Director of Communications & PR: Emily Walsh

Director of Business Development: John Rogers

Director of Analytics & Operations: Nick Mullen

Director of Digital Products: James Breen

Editor Social Media: Eric Scott

Editor Investigative: Josh Wilson

Editor Lifestyle & Entertainment: Nick Mullen

Editor Online Video: Amy Cooper

Our Company

COLOMBIA TV NEWS is multi-platform news and information media broadcast company. Every year, we deliver world-class journalism to more than 10 million world’s most influential audiences in over 150 countries, who want to stay up-to-date with all that is happening in the world. Whether it’s News, Sports, Money, Politics, or Entertainment, we drive an imperative conversation every day on every platform.

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